We Have Programs for Young Adults, Families, and More in and Around Phoenix, AZ

We are 100% family-focused and have different projects to support families in our community. We are not a youth organization, but we’ve designed programs for young adults aged 18 to 26 to help them have a second chance in life after being in the juvenile corrections system, a group home or a foster home. We have a variety of programs, one of them being assisting families that need help with food and presents during Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday throughout the year. If you want to learn more about our projects in Phoenix, AZ, or would like to donate, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We Are Committed to Our Community Wellbeing

For People That Need Our Support

We designed a program to support young people released from the juvenile system. In addition, we organize events and activities, like family field days, to benefit our society members, their families, and other families in need of support. Therefore, we organize food and gift donation days for the families we sponsor/adopt during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holiday throughout the year. This way, we make an impact on their lives and motivate them to keep going. We believe that united, we are stronger, and we come together, not just to have fun but to leave a positive mark on our community. LEAVE YOUR MARK.

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Want to Give a Charitable Donation?

Would you like to sponsor our programs? Help our local organization achieve its goals of building a more equitable society for all. With your donation, we will make our programs for young adults and families have a more significant impact on the lives of the people of Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas, as well as any areas that have a local charter. Contact us today to find out how you can sponsor us!