A True Queen Always Supports Her King

At Eternal Kings Motorcycle Society, we’ve created a space to empower women and make them feel part of a social club that will support the Eternal Kings programs. We believe in the extraordinary capabilities that women have to make every event a success. We also know that the motorcycle culture is not closed only to men. We want this space to be an opportunity to bring out all the creativity and skills of the women.

How the Eternal Queens Program Works

We Promote Community Support and Family

We’ve created the Eternal Queens section to support the Eternal Kings. It is not a motorcycle society but a social club for women. We believe that we can build a better community if we work together. Women do not have to ride to participate in Eternal Queens.

This unit is a space to:

  • Help to organize functions
  • Support community functions
  • Support the Eternal Kings programs
  • And more!

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Eternal Queens

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At Eternal Kings Motorcycle Society, we are a brotherhood of men that share a common interest in motorcycle culture and have a strong belief in helping others. We have our own unique structure, requirements, and rules. We develop different activities to make a difference in our brothers’ lives and in the communities that we live and ride in. Get in touch with us to learn more about our society, events, and culture. You can also call us at  (602) 753-8059

We have members and operate in: Phx, AZ and Yuma, AZ